How Much Does a Cremation Cost?

When it comes to funeral service cost, many families find it financially challenging to the point where they may go in debt. One of the more popular alternatives is the cremation service which is less expensive, yet provides the proper closure that many families want for the passing of their loved ones. So, how much does a cremation cost for you? That depends, but this article will give you some ideas for sure.

How Much Does it Cost for a Cremation?

Although the cost of cremation varies from state to state, the average price for this service runs anywhere from $600 up to $3,000 depending in large part on the services accompany the funeral services. Even at the upper end of the price spectrum, cremations are far less expensive than traditional funeral which runs an average of $10,000.

It is little wonder that the overall popularity of cremations is rising thanks to the low cost as well as other conveniences that make it a good alternative for families that may be stretched financially by a traditional funeral.

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Breakdown of Costs Involved in a Cremation Service:

The actual cremation itself is relatively inexpensive as this is known as “direct cremation” where no embalming, funeral services or even a formal viewing is included. Many funeral homes have this option which is the least expensive and provides the ashes to the family when completed. If you plan on scattering the ashes, then you do not need an urn which also saves money.

You can purchase an urn from the funeral home or choose a less expensive route as many retail stores offer low-priced urns. Other additional costs would include the trappings of a funeral service that includes an embalming, formal viewing, and services are added. So, the cost of cremation and other features will depend on the funeral home itself as they offer a number of different packages that you can pick and choose.

It should be noted that cremation is an act that each state has its own rules and regulations in terms of how it may be carried out. This is why not all funeral homes offer such services as the rules may be fairly strict depending on the state or local laws. However, any cost associated with such rules and regulations are included in what each funeral home performs, so you should direct your questions to the funeral home director if you have any special requests.

Storage of the Remains:

You can choose to scatter the ashes of your loved one either on land or at sea if you so desire. However, if you choose to store the ashes in an urn, you can have a traditional burial service at a cemetery, keep the ashes in your home or many mausoleums and churches have a columbarium which is a small place where other urns are kept either inside or along a garden wall.

With the average cost for a cremation being a fraction of traditional funeral services, a family can save considerably when it comes to their finances. Plus, standard burial insurance for seniors over 70 should easily cover the expense and even leave behind a small legacy if so desired. Read here if you are just 85 or over and planning to buy a decent burial policy.