Planning for funeral expenses may not be the most desirable way to spend your time, but an hour of planning can save your family from considerable pain and financial stress. By purchasing the right burial insurance for seniors, you can at least cover the financial burden of the funeral.

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Of course, you will need to find the best type of burial insurance that suits your particular needs. So, when making out your plan, you’ll need to take into consideration several factors that will play a significant role in a number of benefits your family will need.

When Should You Consider Planning for Burial Insurance?

Planning and Considertions

While it may seem easy to put off funeral planning as long as possible, the earlier you start, the easier it will be for your family in case the worst should occur. A good time to start planning is after doing your taxes or when your kids are away from the home. You should start by examining the coverage that you currently have and comparing it to your financial situation.

For some, burial or funeral insurance may not be necessary because you have plenty of life insurance. For most people, having additional coverage means avoiding potential debt because of funeral expenses.

Burial Expenses

Today, the average funeral costs around $9,000. However, you may want to have a more elaborate funeral or a simple cremation service. Depending on the type of burial you choose, that should be the minimum benefit level for your burial insurance. A traditional funeral includes costs such as the casket, headstone, vault, and other expenses. However, if you choose a cremation service, the cost is considerably less.

Family Situation

Another consideration is whether you still have children living at home or not. If your children are still with you, then you’ll want to consider adding more to the benefit level to leave behind a legacy. This may help them get through college or start a new career which will be very helpful to them if you should pass away. If you do not have children dependent on you, then elderly parents may consider a lower amount of benefits.


If your paycheck goes towards paying off debts such as your mortgage, credit cards, auto loans, and the like, then you’ll want to take that into consideration when purchasing funeral insurance. You should add up the debt that needs to be covered and put that into the benefit levels of the insurance you buy. Over time, if your debt goes down then the additional amount can be used for other expenses.

Benefit Amount

Now that you have taken all the costs into account, you can now set the benefit level of your burial insurance. You should purchase the amount that covers all expenses with just a little extra to be safe. For example, if your current debt amount is $40,000, then a $50,000 policy should work well for your needs.

Purchasing the right funeral insurance for seniors starts with assessing your needs to provide the right benefit coverage for your family.

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