How Much is Burial Insurance for People Over 80? [& Ways to Get a Better Deal]

When it comes to finding proper burial insurance for seniors over 80, the common perception of many people is that it is unaffordable. However, the truth is that people are living longer, and many insurance companies are providing affordable funeral insurance over 80 and even older. Here’s the deal, request multiple free quotes from us and save hundreds on premium right now.

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This gradual policy change could not have come at a better time for seniors, as funeral expenses have been soaring of late. Since the turn of the 21st century, the average cost of funerals has risen by 20% or more, and the prices continue to increase.

For those concerned about the rising cost, having the proper burial coverage is an important safeguard.

Why does this matter?

There are few people out there who think burial insurance is not a worthy investment. If you already have traditional life insurance (such as term or whole), you may not need to go for another one in the name of burial insurance without knowing how it works. But sometimes insurers might delay releasing death benefits, and then it becomes a burden for the family to cover all final expenses.

Compare Burial Insurance Quotes: Save BIG Now!

But, if you get cheap burial insurance for seniors, you should not wait long before your fund is released. This produces no financial burden or stress to the family, and your funeral event completes without inconvenience. Thus, whether a funeral plan is required depends on individuals and how they are planning.

Should Seniors Go For Burial Insurance?

For seniors concerned about leaving a financial burden behind for their families, having the right burial insurance for the elderly can provide peace of mind. There are many factors to consider, but having the right type of insurance coverage for funeral expenses can certainly ease the financial strains of burial costs.

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Affordability: Funeral insurance for the elderly over 80 is surprisingly affordable in most cases. Depending on the insurance company that provides the protection, the costs could be as little as $5 per week to provide adequate coverage.

Availability: Another aspect of burial insurance for people over 80 is that most do not require a health exam, and many do not even ask health questions. This means that seniors can easily qualify for most forms of this insurance policy.

It is important to note that…

Many of these policies do have coverage limitations in their early stages. This means the full benefits may not be available until a year or more when the coverage took effect.

How Much Does Burial Insurance Cost for Seniors Over 80?

The cost depends on some factors, which include the following;

Location: In which state is the funeral taking place?

Type of Funeral: From cremation to complete services, this adds to the cost of the burial.

Extras: In some cases, headstones and other items may cost extra.

Considering all of these factors when considering burial insurance for those over 80, the average funeral cost in the United States is $9,000 approximately. This is up considerably from the $6,000 estimate of just over a decade ago. Of course, there are several factors to consider, but the average cost has been rising with no end.

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What Does a Decent Policy Bring to You?

Senior Couple Happy with Burial Insurance

Knowing there is no financial burden on the family makes you feel like the happiest person in the world.

Without proper coverage, families are forced to go into considerable debt or drastically reduce the cost of funeral expenses. Life insurance for people over 80 covers the costs and brings peace of mind to everyone involved.

The seniors can rest assured that their funerals will not burden their families. Plus, the family can relax knowing that all the expenses have been covered and can focus on caring for each other.

How Do I Get An Affordable Life Coverage?

Suppose you are searching for burial coverage for seniors over 80. In that case, you can rest assured that there are policies that cover the funeral costs while not placing you under an undue financial burden. Remember that; there could be some catches in the plan, such as burial insurance without cemetery charges.

Ask for additional features such as medical bills, legal expenses, and other due bills at the time of death. If they add these to the policy, you’ll save money.

At the end:

You must carefully read all the rules and regulations of policy to know about the package’s primary benefits before underwriting it. This takes a few extra hours, but worth it as you know that you won’t be betrayed by the company late after death.

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